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Aircraft Facilities

New Construction: 

Predator Bed-down Facility

Pacific West Builders constructed a ground up 23,500 sq/ft pre-engineered metal aircraft hangar and support and operations building for the Air National Guard at the Southern California Logistics Airport to house their Predator Drone Flight Training Unit and their Launch and Recovery Element. The hangar was designed to house three Predator drones. The hangar building, with a ceiling height of 45’, included a 170’ x 30’, six section, motor operated hangar door, an automatic foam fire suppression system, and a sophisticated exhaust system. The support and operations building, which was an addition to the hangar, included operations and maintenance facilities for the drones, work stations from where the drones were flown, offices, conference rooms, restrooms and breakrooms, and mechanical, electrical and communication rooms. The site work included extensive grading and drainage structures, parking, concrete and asphalt aircraft taxiway and apron, security fencing and all site utilities to support the facility. Although portions of the building and systems were designed by the client’s architect, many elements, including the pre-engineered metal building, foam fire suppression and controls system, fire alarm. data and communication systems and other elements, were design-build. This project was awarded based on a Best Value Solicitation. 

Kitchen Creek Helibase

Pacific West Builders has just recently completed the design-build Kitchen Creek Helibase project located in East San Diego County for the USDA Forest Service. This facility is used by the Forest Service and their forest fire fighting unit to house and operate their Erikson Air-Crane helicopter used to fight forest fires within the San Diego County area and beyond. The project included the construction of three structures, a 2,500 sq/ft operations building, a 1,680 sq/ft garage building and a 12,000 sq/ft hangar building, two helicopter landing pads, taxiways, parking, a water well and site fencing. All three structures were built to withstand forest fires and were constructed using pre-engineered metal buildings. The operations building included sleeping rooms for the pilots, a dayroom, ready room, operations room and offices and restrooms. The hangar building, used to house the helicopter, required a sophisticated deluge, pre-action fire suppression system, including fire alarms, controls, a diesel jockey pump and a 130,000 gallon water tank. The site required extensive grading and drainage systems. The helipads and taxiways were surrounded by several thousand cubic yards of rock to prevent debris and foreign objects being blown up and causing damage to the helicopters due to the rotor wash. This project was also awarded based on a Best Value Solicitation. 

Renovations and Improvements:

Renovations of C-17 Aircraft Hangar – Travis AFB 

Pacific West Builders has completed design-build improvements to a two bay C-17 aircraft hangar at Travis AFB and an aircraft hangar at Naval Air Station Lemoore. The improvements included new interior 400HZ power systems for both hangars, lightening protection and a new underground transmission and distribution system for the aircraft hangar at Travis AFB and a new electronic safety and security system at NAS Lemoore. 

Pacific West Builders completed design-build improvements to a two story office facility constructed within an existing, operational, aircraft hangar at Travis AFB. The improvements included a new stairway, offices, restrooms, and fire life safety, HVAC, electrical and data and communication systems. The logistics for this project were quite demanding as the renovation work had to be completed while working around aircraft being maintained within the hangar and that were constantly being taxied or tractored into and out of the hangar. Careful coordination of the material deliveries and work had to be scheduled around the activities of the hangar and the work areas. The construction area had to be tightly enclosed with temporary dust partitions so that construction debris did not pollute the aircraft maintenance areas and the aircraft.

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